SUSE Cloud 2.0 with Microsoft Hyper-V support

With SUSE Cloud 2.0, the new version of the OpenStack-based private cloud enterprise solution is now available. In particular, the support of heterogeneous hypervisor environments is highlighted in the new version of the OpenStack distribution, which also affects the virtualization solution from Microsoft. After all, VMware is included as a preview.

The OpenStack SUSE Cloud 2.0 distribution is ideal for infrastructure-as-a-service in private clouds. The new version is based on OpenStack Grizzly . Expanded hypervisor support can be used to build private cloud environments.
According to the manufacturer, SUSE Cloud 2.0 should reduce the administrative burden and simplify the setup of OpenStack private clouds. Among other things, this is ensured by Dell’s open source framework Crowbar .
SUSE Cloud 2.0 provides an improved installation environment that supports the parallel deployment of KVM, Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware ESXi Hypervisor. However, the VMware ESXi integration is only included as a preview.
However, the manufacturer particularly emphasizes the integration with Hyper-V. SUSE uses OpenStack integration with Microsoft Hyper-V from Cloudbase Solutions. Together with Microsoft and Dell, SUSE has further developed the Crowbar open source project. The new version simplifies, standardizes and automates the setup of mixed hypervisor clouds.
“Heterogeneous infrastructures are a business IT issue, and Microsoft is committed to supporting mixed Windows and open source environments,” said Mike Schutz, General Manager, Product Marketing, Microsoft. “With the support of SUSE Cloud 2.0 for Compute Nodes running under Microsoft Hyper-V, we can now help customers who want to run their private clouds with multiple hypervisors, providing them with increased flexibility and workload optimization.”
“Cloudbase Solutions works with clients interested in using OpenStack in Windows environments, and community support has accelerated the integration of core elements such as Microsoft Hyper-V,” said Alessandro Pilotti, CEO, CTO and founder of Cloudbase Solutions. “By incorporating Microsoft Hyper-V support into SUSE Cloud 2.0, SUSE makes it easier for customers to roll out Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenStack together. At the same time, the solution offers professional support, which is important for our customers planning to deploy productive private clouds in their data centers. “
SUSE Cloud 2.0 also provides full support for OpenStack Block Storage and OpenStack Networking. With OpenStack Block Storage, businesses gain more freedom in choosing storage vendors, allowing persistent block storage to be deployed at the virtual machine level.
OpenStack Networking extends the networking capabilities of SUSE Cloud by providing networking-as-a-service and scalable network management, as well as an API for building sophisticated network topologies and the ability to build advanced network services.
Improved integration between SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager makes it faster to create and manage cloud-based applications. With SUSE Studio you can create images, ie reproducible application packages for private and public clouds.

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