Sales performance: the importance of Marketing Automation in your CRM

The importance of a
well-crafted CRM policy, coupled with powerful software, is well established.
But in an increasingly competitive market, where consumers are better informed
and more demanding, the channels of communication with its customers are
constantly being enriched. In a multi-channel approach, automation tools are
necessary to conduct sales and marketing operations as efficiently as possible.
Marketing automation refers to a set of techniques and processes that automate
tasks relating to customer relations and integrating it into your CRM will
allow you to boost your sales performance.


The place of marketing in your
CRM policy

Marketing is an integral part
of customer relationship management. Adopting a marketing policy adapted to
your business is what will allow you to really generate leads and convert them
to enrich your client portfolio. Adopting a marketing strategy within your CRM
policy is a transformative project, which requires enriching the company’s
culture and developing new reflexes among employees. Listening to customers,
personalizing the offer, varying communication channels are all skills to
develop and mechanisms to put in place for an effective customer relationship.


Optimize communication flows
with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a
process by which marketing operations are organized in the most efficient way
possible, through an automation platform. All aspects of marketing campaigns
will therefore be managed on a single platform, reducing the risk of errors and
redundancy. Marketing Automation also makes it possible to monitor the
performance of the campaigns undertaken and to extract valuable information
from them to rectify the situation or plan future operations. It is a flexible
and reactive approach to Marketing which makes it possible to adapt to the
vagaries of the market and to guarantee the success of its commercial strategy.


The CRM Divalto Weavy is
enriched with a Marketing Automation module

Divalto Weavy is a complete CRM
that allows you to manage your customer portfolio, optimize sales, organize
field sales trips, provide after-sales service, and plan marketing campaigns.
Anxious to offer modern and scalable solutions, the management solutions
publisher Divalto has coupled its CRM with the Webmecanik Marketing Automation
module to allow users to automate their marketing campaigns. With Webmecanik
Automation, you can automate your marketing campaigns with ease. By using your
CRM database, the extension allows you to define different scenarios based on
customer behavior and thus automate several aspects of the marketing campaign.
It is both a time and resource saver that will boost your business performance.


Pégase is an EXPERT in digital
transformation and integrator of Divalto infinity ERP and Divalto weavy CRM
solutions. In Africa (Morocco, Algeria), in France (Lille, Paris), in the
Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mayotte) in the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique) and
in Canada (Quebec), we are nearby to accompany you in your commercial
management modernization process.

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