OpenWorld: Oracle Introduces New Cloud Services

In addition to numerous new products, Oracle also introduces ten new cloud services as well as new database and Java services.

With a slew of new services, Oracle is positioning itself as a direct competitor to Amazon Web Services, as well as, with whom the database specialist has entered into a close partnership just a few months ago.

At OpenWorld , which is currently taking place in San Francisco, Oracle has also presented the first fruits of the cooperation with Microsoft. Oracle products are now also running on Microsoft Azure , but only in a preview.

Oracle already has many applications as a service on offer. Oracle is now introducing more with Compute Cloud or Object Storage Cloud.

These two offerings are aimed directly at services as offered by Amazon. Oracle’s unique selling point is that these services are “enterprise-ready and fully configurable.” All services are currently still in the preview.

Oracle also offers a managed database cloud service, which is available in three different levels: Basic, Managed and Premium Managed. This gives users full control over a dedicated instance of the database and, Oracle said in a release , supported the new offering “every application for Oracle Database”.

With this, Oracle apparently tries to sell higher quality services. With Oracle Java as a Service, Oracle provides WebLogic Server Cluster, supports the use of any Java application, and gives full administrative control over the service.

Oracle also delivers the Cloud Marketplace, where partners can distribute their Oracle-based solutions. Again, has an offer with AppExchange. Services Billing and Revenue Management, on the other hand, targets businesses that need to manage subscriptions.

Other new services include Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, Business Intelligence Cloud, Documents Cloud (Self-Service File Sharing and Collaboration), Mobile Cloud, (Mobile Management) and finally the Database Backup Cloud.

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