From April 1 New work rhythm at Pegase EXPERT

Pégase EXPERT offices are open on sunny and even rainy

The revolution at work, Invest your time for your
professional development

A paradoxical title? and much astonishment to what you
can think it is quite real. Today and exclusively at Pégase EXPERT we have
found a way to flourish while killing ourselves with work. If you find it hard
to believe this, well rest assured you are not the only ones, we too were
amazed, overwhelmed, surprised and amazed by the remarkable functioning of our
new working method and we are revealing the recipe to you.


According to psychological studies, immersing yourself
in work leaves employees less time to focus on everyday problems, thus
significantly reducing the risk of mental illness or depression. Free time is a
black plague that, against your will, pushes you to endless introspection, and
gradually takes you away from performance.


Pégase EXPERT the infallible integrator of ERP and CRM
solutions is at the heart of this scientific scope, always being concerned
about the well-being of its employees, did not hesitate for a single moment to
put in place a method to no longer leave its employees free time to think about
their lives.


APRIL 01, 2022, Pégase EXPERT introduces a new
regulation which surprises more than one employee at Pégase, which is as
follows: today not 5 nor 6 nor even 7 but 8 working days are required, although
the astonishment was the first reaction of our employees, this new way of
working has not been a refusal for the Pégase team with its adventurous spirit,
and always ready to sacrifice itself for performance, while combining business
with pleasure. It is also a timely opportunity to make up for lost working hours
during the Covid19 pandemic.


Pégase EXPERT now offers its employees the possibility
of exploiting and making the most of 100% of themselves and their skills, and
this while having the same working hours but adding only one day .


The advantages of these 8 days do not escape anyone
within Pégase, people who suffer from their social lives outside of work, will
no longer have to worry. Now more social life, they will no longer fear the
question “did you have a good weekend?” asked on a Monday morning by their
colleagues, this system allows them to be in production and much less in
consumption, thus forgetting cafes, cinemas and even the subscription to the
gym! today, without shame, their social life is no less rich than that of their
colleagues, it is even paradoxically identical, which creates intimacy and a
connection between collaborators instantly.


This method becomes an alibi so that our Pégase team
can escape all its problems, its concerns and its constraints, the majority of
our collaborators are amazed by the development and the benefits of this new


“I am today and thanks to Pégase aware that happy
employees are more efficient and more productive employees, not being
distracted by the absurdity of life” Salim L.


“I remain dazzled by the flexibility and freedom
that Pégase expert gives us” Amine K.


We are building a better world, a world where work
could be a source of happiness, the revolution is underway and it concerns you
one day! Invest your time for your professional development, but because every
historical and revolutionary movement has its Protestants and its opponents,
people will not believe this article.


The Pegase EXPERT team wishes you a happy April 1st to

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